Personalized Care Planning


Quiz: Do You Understand Personalized Care Planning?

Test your knowledge by answering the following questions:


Personalized care planning is a collaborative approach.

Healthcare providers are trying to change chronic disease management from reactive to proactive. Personalized care planning is a collaborative approach that involves you and your healthcare provider working together to manage your condition with an appropriate action plan—from goal setting to monitoring progress.

Your healthcare team will tell you all the solutions for your personalized care plan.

You’ll get more out of personalized care planning if you stay actively involved in the process. Don’t just expect your healthcare team to find all the solutions. Work closely with your healthcare providers to create goals around exercise, diet, sleep and personal development.

Using an electronic health record system can be beneficial.

Using an electronic health record system to share notes is an ideal way to ensure everyone is informed and aligned. If you don’t have that, work with your healthcare providers to create a process that keeps everyone in the loop.

You should resist in-home/nursing care as part of your personalized health plan.

Too often, patients stall their personalized care plan  because they don’t want to consider in-home nursing care or move to an extended care facility. These moves often take months or years to coordinate, so being open and amenable can go a long way.

Mental health is as important as physical health.

While a good personalized care plan will involve mental health support, some patients tend to focus more on the physical parts of the process. Remember that a good social support system and help from mental health providers is as important as the physical aspects of your plan.